It’s good to reflect…

I cringe when I see what I used to look like. The image on the left shows just how much fat (and so, how little muscle) I had back in May 2013. You’ve got to love Facebook’s On This Day feature!

The image on the right was taken earlier this month.

I don’t share these pictures to elicit a “Well Done” response. That’s really not the point. Seeing that picture from seven years ago just reminded me today of not only the physical state I was in but my mental state back then.

I’d only just started using any kind of free weights or weight machines. My nutrition was terrible. I can’t imagine living that way now.

Sure, I enjoy myself (sometimes a little too much!) and I have my bad days but what I class as a Bad Day now was a Normal Day back then and so it’s great to see that shift in my approach to health, fitness and nutrition.

I wrote earlier this month about the challenges I’ve faced on my fitness journey while in lockdown but since the publication of that post, I’ve mostly stayed on track (whereas much of April was a write-off!)

It’s definitely been a journey. With the exception of the 2013 image, all of these pictures were taken on this day (okay, the 2020 pic was taken yesterday!) I don’t know if you can see much of a difference. All I know is that the Nim between 2008 and 2016 is very different to the Nim of 2017 onwards!

Seven years ago, I wouldn’t have had the mental ability to (or, frankly, wouldn’t have even thought to or cared about) getting back on track and reflecting on that progress does bring a smile to my face.

My fitness journey has been, and continues to be, as much about mental transformation as physical.

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