The power of Spin…

It’s been almost 10 years since I discovered the power of spin.

Whenever I’d heard about spin classes, it was usually followed by:

  • They’re so hard!
  • You’ve got to be super fit to do them.
  • I’ve heard people pass out because of how intense they are.

I’d say it’s only been the last three or four years where I’ve not felt self-conscious in a gym or workout setting. Roll back to 2011 and the thought of taking part in a group class filled me with fear!

My trainer, Sam, led the class every Saturday and pestered me for months to try it out. I finally plucked up the courage.

As I walked into the studio, I felt all eyes on me. The funny thing is, no one was looking. I pulled up a bike, got into position and Sam came and help adjust it to the height I needed it to be.

And off we went!

It was an hour’s class. It was more than enough. I was absolutely dying by the end. From sprints to heavy resistance climbs, my legs were absolutely smashed. However, I’d finished the class with a MAJOR buzz. A rush of adrenaline and endorphins. I was so proud to have got through it. What I didn’t realise at that moment in time is how addicted I would become to spin.

Fast forward to 2013 with my new trainer Bridie, who took over Sam’s Saturday class. I’d had two years of weekly spin classes. Bridie found a new challenge for me.

“You should take part in my three-hour charity spin class, raising money for a children’s hospice.”

Remember that fear I talked about earlier? Well, it all came rushing back. This spin class would be held in the middle of Leicester city centre on a Saturday.

“The whole world is going to see you working out. Why would you do that to yourself, Nim?” I asked myself.

Taking part in a three-hour charity spin class in 2013

I remember turning up. I remember working my ass off. I remember someone coming round with jelly babies half way through.

But what I remember most? Killing it. That sounds so arrogant but I don’t even care.


(Huge shoutout to my sister who had to come and pick me up from the city centre. She’d parked a two-minute walk away but it took me 15 minutes to walk to her. Stiff as anything, despite major stretching after the class finished!)

I carried on with spin classes until I moved to Bristol in 2016, when I completely lost all fitness mojo.

When I moved to Jersey, I found myself unable to work out in a class setting again. However, in 2019, when I moved back to the Midlands, I decided to give it another try and I got back into it again.

In 2019, I got back into spin classes with a trainer, as well as these digital classes.

Don’t get me wrong. It is hard. It is intense. It does hurt. However, it is worth it. It’s helped my fitness massively and I truly feel the classes last year really helped to set me up for the HIIT workouts I’ve started doing this year.

The biggest learning for me is that I was able to challenge myself. Initially, it took a big nudge. I see it like opening a door. Sam opened the door and eventually I walked through it. I now have access to another room, that I didn’t before.

If you’re looking to try something new but feeling apprehensive about it, I completely understand. What’s the worst that can happen, though? Give it a try. You might surprise yourself.

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