Back to the gym, backing away from sugar…

In my last post, I wrote about the latest slump I’d hit in my fitness journey. Since then, I’m happy to report I’m getting back on track!

This was when I hit the slump. I’d encountered irritation of the sciatic nerve just before Christmas and underwent physiotherapy to learn how to tackle it in the future. Thankfully, it didn’t come back – until a little under a month ago. That week, I only managed two workouts. Looking back, I see that not working out also had an impact on my nutrition – I was eating so much rubbish. Big bags of chocolate, jelly sweets, ordering takeout etc. That week was practically a write-off.

I suppose eating all that sugar was also having quite a negative impact on me. As I’ve written before, I do have a toxic relationship with sugar!

On top of that, I was also starting to get a bit bored of home workouts. They were feeling a bit repetitive (no criticism of the trainers – they were really being creative).

Imagine my delight last week, then, when the gym reopened.

It’s weird but being back at the gym has helped me get back on track with my nutrition. I’m eating healthier, I’ve massively reduced my refined sugar intake, I’m logging my food – long story short, I’m feeling good!

Take today, for example. No sugary foods consumed at all today. I’ve limited my intake of diet cola too, with a view to not having any the rest of the week. Small steps but ones that I know will make a massive mental difference! When you add the return of the gym into the mix too, it hopefully means I’ve made a major U Turn.

The thing is, these things happen. I hit a major slump a few months back too. Realising, and then accepting, that you can’t always be on it is an important realisation. It’s about getting back on it that counts!

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