A good week!

A quick update following my last post – it’s safe to say I’m getting back on it! I’ve stuck to my recommended calorie intake every day this week, only had sugary snacks three times (an ice cream in hot weather, a packet of Rowntrees Randoms and a big bag of Giant Buttons). I also massively reduced my intake of diet cola, which is a huge thing for me!!

Combining all of the calories I’ve consumed and all the working out I’ve done this week, I’ve averaged around 2100 calories per day. I can tell you I’ve not done that for well over a month!

I’ve worked out five times this week (four cardio, one resistance)…

…as well as a big (albeit relaxed) walk around the Peak District.

Feeling physically and mentally great! Especially when I see pictures from the past and how far I’ve come so far on my fitness journey.

Now to keep up the momentum…

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A man on a fitness mission!

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