F45 Challenge 28

Here we go! My second attempt at the F45 Challenge. This time, it’s only 45 days rather than eight weeks (although, technically, the last one was only seven because of the lockdown).

Since the gym reopened at the end of last month, I’ve really got back into the rhythm of it. I’ve found a good morning routine and it’s working well.

The Challenge, though, will focus me even more. At this point in the Challenge, I can consume 2,200 calories a day to lose weight. That will change as my weight drops (hopefully!) over the next 45 days.

This morning started with a bump. I forgot to take my breakfast (protein shake and porridge) with me and, despite a good workout, ended up buying a cookie from Greggs!! I NEVER go into Greggs so there’s definitely some subconscious self-sabotage at play there.

In any case, as soon as I’d finished it, I knew it wasn’t how I want the Challenge to go. As a result, I made even more of an effort to stay within calorie count today (which I did). By the evening, all I really wanted was to nip to the shop, buy some beers and a massive bag of Cadbury’s Giant Buttons but I didn’t and instead enjoyed a cacao ball!! (Though the extra steps would’ve been good, haha!)

So, a small bump in the road but a renewed commitment to staying focused, to build on the progress I’ve made and to make improvements following lockdown. I’ll keep you updated!

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A man on a fitness mission!

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