Continuing to surprise myself…

Firstly, the picture is me on 3rd October 2010 v 3rd October 2020. It’s an important reminder for me about how far I’ve come.

But I’ve definitely got ways to go!

I’ve completed the F45 Challenge 28. I’ve got to say this challenge was far tougher than the one I did earlier this year. I was hitting the studio regularly but my nutrition was totally hit and miss. That is the part I do struggle with the most.

Here’s a snapshot of the results achieved in this challenge:

Although the weight has gone up, so has my muscle mass, with a drop in body fat. I’m starting to feel the differences in the shape of my body, too.

Delighted with the progress but I can’t then also help but feel the results would’ve been even better if my nutrition had been more on point.

The journey continues!

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A man on a fitness mission!

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