Finishing 2020 with gratitude… roll on 2021!

I wrote most of this post while sat (dying!) in the changing room after a good cardio HIIT session on Monday. It struck me that I officially started my fitness journey social media accountability three years ago.

In the image above, the left is my first post on Instagram, in which I weigh 2.5 stone more than I do now. The right was after my session on Monday.

Can you see a difference?

I can’t. However, I do know I had a lot more fat, a lot less muscle and I was very unhappy. (Yes, there was more hair then too 😂!) I can go for longer. I don’t get breathless doing basic things.

I continue to work on my fitness, to build my endurance and stamina and to cut fat. I’m getting better with nutrition – although I’ve still got a way to go with it, I’m much more mindful than ever (although Christmas is always tough for that!)

I’m getting on well with the nutrition course so that’s good. Already I’m making better choices and thinking much more about what I do and don’t want, what I should and shouldn’t have and how to balance it all.

My move to Jersey played a big part in kickstarting this personal journey before I came back to the Midlands.

This is probably my last post for 2020. Despite the many challenges this year (not just those related to my fitness journey), I write with gratitude for all the good things that have happened. I’m excited to see what 2021 will bring (again, in both the fitness journey and life more widely!)

Have a restful Christmas, y’all.

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A man on a fitness mission!

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