What’s the point of this blog?!

I’ve been meaning to write but every time I’ve tried, I’ve just felt a massive sense of failure and so avoided writing anything.

At the end of 2020, I started a daily challenge while in (yet another) lockdown – 25 burpees, 25 press-ups, 25 squats (and then adding in 25 crunches after a while). It was going well and I was impressed with how much I could push my body. In 61 consecutive days, I only didn’t do it on two days because my body just needed rest. Hey, we’re all human, right?

I’ve also tried to do home workouts but I’m definitely not into them like I was last year. I never work as hard in my home workouts as I do at the gym. My nutrition in 2021 has also been completely off. I’ve had the odd day here or there when I’ve been on point but that’s nowhere near where I need to be to get the results I want to see.

So why am I writing this? Am I simply sharing the fact that I feel like I’ve let myself completely down? That I’ve lost control of the fitness journey? That I’m undoing all my progress?

I don’t believe any of those statements entirely BUT I do a little bit! They are small, nagging thoughts chipping away at me all the time…and yet I still can’t seem to put down the Mini Eggs!

(Slight digression – this Insta post from James Smith did cheer me up!!)

Anyway, the headline for this post is “what’s the point of this blog?”

I wrote that headline to answer it out loud, in this post. To hold myself accountable. To remind myself that it is a journey. For all the highs, there will be lows and that is ok!

I’m going to try to get back on the nutrition horse from tomorrow. I’m also eagerly awaiting the return of the gym next week!

Positive vibes. Positive vibes. Positive vibes!

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A man on a fitness mission!

2 thoughts on “What’s the point of this blog?!

  1. Don’t beat yourself. You have had lot on your plate recently. You can do it. You will succeed that’s for sure my diku. Love you lots xx 😘 💗

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