Back to the gym… now back to good habits!

It’s amazing that in April 2020, we were all trying to come to terms with a lockdown. Little did we know it would be the first of three. I was genuinely worried about what impact it would have on my fitness journey, especially after the progress I’d made in the first F45 Challenge I’d take part in!

Fast forward a year later and we’re just coming out of the third lockdown. One of the highlights of the recent easing of some restrictions last month was the opening of gyms! It has been SO DAMN GOOD to be back at F45 in Birmingham.

In terms of the fitness journey, I think the third lockdown (basically Jan-March this year) was the hardest for me. I was kinda over home workouts. I missed the social element of the gym. I missed using weights (the 16-year-old Nim can’t believe the 35-year-old Nim has just said that!) To try to stay focused, a mate of mine came up with an idea for a daily challenge. I managed that for two months but then lost focus.

You may have also noticed I haven’t really blogged much. That’s mainly because of the loss of motivation.

It’s also safe to say my nutrition has been totally out of the window this year. I didn’t pressure myself about that though. A winter lockdown with cold, dark, wet nights and minimal daylight, all I could think was:

Now, though, there is NO excuse. It’s time to get back on track.

Over the past three weeks, my body has had to get used to doing any work with weights. My focus has been very much on exercise as well as really listening to my body. I’ve placed more emphasis on stretching and have bought a massager gun to help ease my body post-workout. I’ve also ensured proper rest time.

Admittedly, not the most flattering photo but definitely an action shot taken during a killer workout in April 2021.

So that’s all going well!

It’s time for the next step – nutrition. As ever, this remains a challenge!

Having the pubs back open has been great but it’s also meant an excess intake of calories that I wasn’t consuming earlier in the year (I’m not much of a home drinker, even in a lockdown situation) so clearly, that’s an issue. A balance is needed.

I’m normally quite good at tracking calories but that’s also gone out the window this year.

This week, though, is when I’m getting back on top of it. From today, I’m going to be better at planning my meals (even preparing my lunches for the week today, to keep that control – as well as save some pennies!). I’m going to return to tracking my calories. I don’t obsess over it but it is a really good way of managing your intake over a week and it does help me make good choices.

I’ve just finished a good workout and I’m feeling inspired and motivated. A new month, a new week and a new chance to (re)set the course.

As ever, I write this post not to preach but for myself, to keep myself going and to put it out there to the Universe what my intention is. I’ll keep you updated!

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