Move more, eat less… EAT LESS, EAT LESS.

Sorry for all the caps but it’s what I’m really telling myself at the moment.

Earlier this month, I wrote about my focus on nutrition. I can report I have definitely been more focused. I’ve been preparing meals in advance more, relying on takeout less and I’ve also been mindful of how much alcohol I’m consuming, now that pubs and bars are finally open (and from today, the reopening of indoor hospitality too!)

However, I’ve still not had a calorie deficit and that is an issue.

What’s the point of all your hard physical activity if you’re not going to watch what you eat?!

I write that as a reminder to myself to really stay focused. It might seem like quite a self-critical rhetorical question but I’ve started doing more of that in my fitness journey, after being inspired by James Smith. He talks real sense and cuts out/slams all the bullshit. (Excuse my French!)

For example…

Today is the first day I’ve come under my daily calorie count and with mostly healthy food all day. In fact, the only ‘bad’ thing I’ve eaten today is a Cadbury’s Twirl chocolate bar (yes, both fingers!)

I’ve been working my way up to this, though. I’ve been making a concerted effort to eat more fruit and vegetables, while also ensuring I’m getting enough protein in every day as well. During my food shop today, I bought no high-sugar foods – as tempted as I was to buy the Chocolate Orange Buttons!

I’m going to try to hit my calorie deficit every day this week. Day by day, step by step. Small, achievable (hopefully!) goals!

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A man on a fitness mission!

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