Quitting vaping: an update!

Earlier this week, I decided to give up vaping. I’ve done a weaning process – I had half a bottle of vape liquid left and that has just run out.

Bear in mind, I would normally go through half a bottle in a day. I’ve spread that half out over the past three days.

I’ve had really bad headaches because my body is obviously not getting as much of a hit as it’s used to. I’ve been quite irritable but I think I’ve done well to not snap at people. My appetite has definitely surged.

To tackle the latter, I went and did a food shop today and bought loads of healthy food. A couple of small treats but the majority is all good stuff.

A real sign came last night that quitting was the way to go. I’d had a vape at 0630 and then nothing until I got home from work around 1930. Three puffs gave me a massive headache and nausea. A combination, I suppose, of withdrawal but also my body telling me “don’t put this crap in you!”

The real test now is tomorrow. No nicotine at all.

Published by njfitnessjourney

A man on a fitness mission!

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