Another attempt to change my approach to food and nutrition…

As ever, I write this post more for myself than anyone else.

I haven’t written in quite some time. It’s because I’ve been suppressing how I’ve been feeling recently about my fitness journey – absolute failure.

Now, it ISN’T an absolute failure because the workouts are going strong and I can see significant progress in my physical fitness/stamina/endurance, my energy levels and significant improvements in form (though I don’t proclaim to be an expert).

But, yes, you guessed it – the nutrition has been shocking.

I’m currently also on a secondment where my control over food is significantly reduced. The nature of the work, including travel, limits how much time I have to do any kind of food prep.

However, that is also kind of an excuse. Prior to the secondment, I wasn’t really paying much attention to nutrition. Like many people, I’ve been enjoying going to the pub with friends, eating out with family, especially after the lack of social life in 2020. (Admittedly, I’m very aware that the lack of social life in 2020 is very #firstworldproblems!)

I’ve written a lot about my struggle with nutrition since starting this blog. When I started my fitness journey in 2017, I was much more committed to logging my food and (albeit unconsciously) meeting a calorie deficit to see results. Over the past two years, though, I have struggled.

Again, I don’t want to “lose weight”. It’s about reducing fat, increasing fitness and generally being healthier. It’s been quite interesting to look back on a previous post about some good learnings from last year – some of that, I HAVE taken forward whereas in other ways, I’ve regressed to old ways. I think what I really need is a total revamp of my attitude to nutrition.

That’s where Train With Elliot comes in. We’ve been speaking every now and again on Instagram and I’ve bitten the bullet to work with him for three months to try to reshape my thinking when it comes to my relationship with food. I have no idea what’s going to happen.

I’m going to log food and hopefully it’ll give me a sense of where I am going wrong. I started with Elliot this week and already, I can see choices I’ve made that weren’t wise but at the time, they felt very much in isolation. However, when you KEEP making those choices, it becomes a problem.

In many ways, I find it quite scary. I also know it’s going to involve tough love and accountability – perhaps that why it might feel so scary but hopefully will result in some positive, long-lasting change. (No pressure eh, Elliot?!)

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on over the next three months. The fact that I’m even posting an update is a sign that I am trying to get back on it. Here’s hoping!

PS A point on vaping – I tried and failed miserably but I’m now looking at going via a nicotine replacement therapy route via my GP to see if that can help me wean off the nicotine in a gradual way (rather than the more aggressive withdrawal approach that I attempted). Again, watch this space…

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