Lessons from 2021 and straight into the F45 Challenge 35 in 2022…

I ending 2021 feeling very differently about my fitness journey than I started. The year started with lockdown misery but eventually I got back into the swing of things. My nutrition, however, got way out of control. As soon as the summer came and “normal life” (I use that phrase loosely!) was available to us,Continue reading “Lessons from 2021 and straight into the F45 Challenge 35 in 2022…”

Another attempt to change my approach to food and nutrition…

As ever, I write this post more for myself than anyone else. I haven’t written in quite some time. It’s because I’ve been suppressing how I’ve been feeling recently about my fitness journey – absolute failure. Now, it ISN’T an absolute failure because the workouts are going strong and I can see significant progress inContinue reading “Another attempt to change my approach to food and nutrition…”

Quitting vaping: an update!

Earlier this week, I decided to give up vaping. I’ve done a weaning process – I had half a bottle of vape liquid left and that has just run out. Bear in mind, I would normally go through half a bottle in a day. I’ve spread that half out over the past three days. I’veContinue reading “Quitting vaping: an update!”

Back to the gym… now back to good habits!

It’s amazing that in April 2020, we were all trying to come to terms with a lockdown. Little did we know it would be the first of three. I was genuinely worried about what impact it would have on my fitness journey, especially after the progress I’d made in the first F45 Challenge I’d takeContinue reading “Back to the gym… now back to good habits!”

Finishing 2020 with gratitude… roll on 2021!

I wrote most of this post while sat (dying!) in the changing room after a good cardio HIIT session on Monday. It struck me that I officially started my fitness journey social media accountability three years ago. In the image above, the left is my first post on Instagram, in which I weigh 2.5 stoneContinue reading “Finishing 2020 with gratitude… roll on 2021!”

Changing My Mind: How I Overcame Childhood Fears Around Exercise and Fitness (Part One)

When you’re first starting out exercising, it can be quite a daunting prospect. As a child/teen, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be a fat guy for the rest of my life. It was quite stressful and a constant source of anxiety. But something changed in 2002.Continue reading “Changing My Mind: How I Overcame Childhood Fears Around Exercise and Fitness (Part One)”

Oh… Sh-ugar!

I’ve said before that this blog will feature both my highs and the lows. Yesterday, there was a HUGE bump in the road. I managed to eat four 80g bags of Mini Eggs in four hours. FOUR BAGS. FOUR HOURS. Nutritionally, this is how that breaks down: Mini Eggs (320g) Total Recommended Daily Intake (Source:Continue reading “Oh… Sh-ugar!”