“Fat boy. Jadio. Michelin Man. Sherman” – reflections on World Mental Health Day 2020

This World Mental Health Day, I’ve decided to write about how my mental health has been affected over the years by the issues relating to my weight, nutrition and, most significantly, how I’ve been treated by people. I’ve eluded to this connection in previous posts but I’m going to be very clear about it inContinue reading ““Fat boy. Jadio. Michelin Man. Sherman” – reflections on World Mental Health Day 2020″

Continuing to surprise myself…

Firstly, the picture is me on 3rd October 2010 v 3rd October 2020. It’s an important reminder for me about how far I’ve come. But I’ve definitely got ways to go! I’ve completed the F45 Challenge 28. I’ve got to say this challenge was far tougher than the one I did earlier this year. IContinue reading “Continuing to surprise myself…”

XXXL to XL: Shopping for clothes when you’re a big boy!

Today, I went into a sports store and bought clothes I wanted, without even having to try them on. I picked them off the rail and paid for them. All good. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, for at least 15 years, that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t just walk into a clothes store and buyContinue reading “XXXL to XL: Shopping for clothes when you’re a big boy!”

F45 Challenge 28

Here we go! My second attempt at the F45 Challenge. This time, it’s only 45 days rather than eight weeks (although, technically, the last one was only seven because of the lockdown). Since the gym reopened at the end of last month, I’ve really got back into the rhythm of it. I’ve found a goodContinue reading “F45 Challenge 28”

Lockdown weight gain and the latest fitness challenge helping me get back on track

I hope you weren’t eating when you came across this post. It’s not the best picture. I share it, though, because for as long as I can remember, I’ve been embarrassed by my body. I no longer am because I know how much hard work has gone into getting to this point. This photo wasContinue reading “Lockdown weight gain and the latest fitness challenge helping me get back on track”

Back to the gym, backing away from sugar…

In my last post, I wrote about the latest slump I’d hit in my fitness journey. Since then, I’m happy to report I’m getting back on track! View this post on Instagram Not a good week so far! Today was only my second #workout of the week (good to have you back @everydecisioncounts) but it’sContinue reading “Back to the gym, backing away from sugar…”

Willpower and the Week Ahead…

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners”. You got that right, Shakespeare! When it comes to food, I’ve always struggled with willpower. Four chapattis instead of two. Five Cadbury’s Mini Rolls instead of one. A whole big bag of Haribos rather than just a handful. A whole packet of biscuits. Don’tContinue reading “Willpower and the Week Ahead…”

It’s good to reflect…

I cringe when I see what I used to look like. The image on the left shows just how much fat (and so, how little muscle) I had back in May 2013. You’ve got to love Facebook’s On This Day feature! The image on the right was taken earlier this month. I don’t share theseContinue reading “It’s good to reflect…”