Move more, eat less… EAT LESS, EAT LESS.

Sorry for all the caps but it’s what I’m really telling myself at the moment. Earlier this month, I wrote about my focus on nutrition. I can report I have definitely been more focused. I’ve been preparing meals in advance more, relying on takeout less and I’ve also been mindful of how much alcohol I’mContinue reading “Move more, eat less… EAT LESS, EAT LESS.”

What’s the point of this blog?!

I’ve been meaning to write but every time I’ve tried, I’ve just felt a massive sense of failure and so avoided writing anything. At the end of 2020, I started a daily challenge while in (yet another) lockdown – 25 burpees, 25 press-ups, 25 squats (and then adding in 25 crunches after a while). ItContinue reading “What’s the point of this blog?!”

The Lockdown 3.0 Challenge

As if it’s already mid-February! I haven’t had the time (or headspace) to write a post. It might be another lockdown living situation but the news cycle has kept me very, very busy! Towards the end of December, when Birmingham went into Tier 4, a colleague of mine based down South, who was also inContinue reading “The Lockdown 3.0 Challenge”

Some key learnings about nutrition from 2020 that I’ll be taking into 2021

A key part of my fitness journey is changing my nutrition. I love food. However, there is no point me really pushing myself physically with workouts and challenges if I don’t get on top of the nutrition. I know I’ve said this before and deep down it’s something I know but it’s amazing how writingContinue reading “Some key learnings about nutrition from 2020 that I’ll be taking into 2021”

Grief, bereavement and trying to get back on track

For the past two weeks, my routine has been completely off – for good reason. Sadly, my grandad died and so I’ve been back home with my parents (my bubble, in case you’re wondering!) Getting that call from my parents two weeks ago was just horrendous. Unfortunately, I’ve been mentally preparing for it for someContinue reading “Grief, bereavement and trying to get back on track”

Lockdown 2.0 & how I’m going to keep my fitness focus

Another lockdown. Whether you wanted it or not, it’s here. Admittedly, it’s not as tight as it was back in March but it’s been interesting to see the campaign to keep gyms open. Check out this bold (ahem!) display by Grenade earlier today. At time of this post’s publication, there’s no update to that andContinue reading “Lockdown 2.0 & how I’m going to keep my fitness focus”

When you’re so big, you can’t fit in a rollercoaster seat…

As the picture indicates, I did fit but let me give you the background. Yesterday, I went to Alton Towers for the first time in years, for their annual Scarefest. There were obvious Covid19 reminders everywhere – mandatory masks on rides and indoor spaces, hand sanitiser, social distancing etc but for the first time inContinue reading “When you’re so big, you can’t fit in a rollercoaster seat…”

“Fat boy. Jadio. Michelin Man. Sherman” – reflections on World Mental Health Day 2020

This World Mental Health Day, I’ve decided to write about how my mental health has been affected over the years by the issues relating to my weight, nutrition and, most significantly, how I’ve been treated by people. I’ve eluded to this connection in previous posts but I’m going to be very clear about it inContinue reading ““Fat boy. Jadio. Michelin Man. Sherman” – reflections on World Mental Health Day 2020″

Continuing to surprise myself…

Firstly, the picture is me on 3rd October 2010 v 3rd October 2020. It’s an important reminder for me about how far I’ve come. But I’ve definitely got ways to go! I’ve completed the F45 Challenge 28. I’ve got to say this challenge was far tougher than the one I did earlier this year. IContinue reading “Continuing to surprise myself…”

XXXL to XL: Shopping for clothes when you’re a big boy!

Today, I went into a sports store and bought clothes I wanted, without even having to try them on. I picked them off the rail and paid for them. All good. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, for at least 15 years, that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t just walk into a clothes store and buyContinue reading “XXXL to XL: Shopping for clothes when you’re a big boy!”