Lockdown 2.0 & how I’m going to keep my fitness focus

Another lockdown. Whether you wanted it or not, it’s here. Admittedly, it’s not as tight as it was back in March but it’s been interesting to see the campaign to keep gyms open. Check out this bold (ahem!) display by Grenade earlier today.

At time of this post’s publication, there’s no update to that and so gyms will remain closed, no matter how “Covid-secure” they are.

I’m writing this post for two reasons: firstly, to put what I want to do down in writing, as part of my own accountability; secondly, to potentially help anyone else who might be feeling a bit derailed by Lockdown 2.0.

I hit up the gym this lunchtime for my final studio workout before we go into lockdown tomorrow. It was a tough F45 Pipeline session – four laps of nine exercises, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. It’s safe to say I was battered by the end of that session!

Video courtesy of F45 Birmingham Central.

As of tomorrow, it’ll be back to home workouts. Joy of joys! To be fair, I really got into them during the first lockdown, doing both F45 Brum at Home AND Bobalus’ workouts. I think, though, it’ll take a little time to readjust my mindset but at the same time, I’m also determined not to undo the progress I’ve made so far this year and that really is a big driving factor for me.

While writing this post, I just saw this Insta story on F45 Birmingham’s page. Quite sad to see!

The gym, for me, is as important for me mentally as it is physically. It’s the only time I really switch off from everything else, when I really push myself and stretch myself. To ‘lose’ it is, admittedly, very “first world problems” – this is temporary and we will get through this! However, to ‘lose’ it threatens the derailment of my fitness journey but the very fact that I’m aware of this means I’m determined not to let it derail me.

The other big thing that’s going to help me keep my fitness journey on track is a bigger focus on nutrition than I’ve had over the past few months open. With restaurants and pubs open, I’ve been lazy and not particularly mindful. Now’s the time to get that refocus.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Well, this lockdown is going to go on for at least a month so hopefully, good habits will develop.

Watch this space…

While I’ve got your attention, I will also just say that a lockdown situation will undoubtedly impact a lot of people emotionally. Don’t forget there is plenty of support out there – check out this list of helpful resources.

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