Food: A Constant Battle

I’ve written previously about my ups and downs when it comes to food. I’ve got a much better approach to food and nutrition overall now but I still have bad days.

I’m writing this because I had two bad days this week. I went way over my recommenced calorie intake and macros on Tuesday and Wednesday. It actually left me feeling pretty crappy last night.

I only worked out on one of those two days. Both also started with a really healthy breakfast: protein porridge with skimmed milk and blueberries.

However, I also ate way too much unhealthier food, from sweets and chocolate to crisps and crackers. Not good. NOT GOOD.

This morning, though, I woke up with a renewed energy.

Today is a new day.

It was important for me to embrace the bad feelings last night because it ended up giving me the energy to be way more disciplined today. I’ve eaten super healthily, eating filling, nutritious foods. I came under my calorie intake and I’ve also hit my macros (although also coming in under on saturated fat and sugar).

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I do, however, know that I intend to keep the good energy from today going tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Food: A Constant Battle

  1. Everyone has ups and downs, good days and bad days. Rather than assessing any of your measures on a daily basis, maybe a weekly basis might be more useful? Sure, you can stay mindful of what you’re eating day to day, and if you have a bad day (you don’t need to count it, you usually know!) you can always adjust on the next, but unless it’s really important to you to be looking at the numbers every day to stay motivated, maybe a once/week totalling up will give you some slack for the tougher days and mean you don’t put yourself under pressure unnecessarily?


    1. For me, personally, I use the day-by-day tally to work out how good the week has been overall (taking into account workouts and walks etc) too.

      The pressure I put on myself isn’t necessarily undue or intense but it’s just enough to remind myself to keep in check. For example, if I hadn’t over the last couple of days, yesterday probably would have ended up as bad as the previous two.

      It’s definitely an accountability and learning thing, not a guilt thing – I’ve implemented the power of positive thinking a lot as part of this journey.


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